We Moved Out!

Having recently decided to extend our time abroad, Patricia and I have been considering finding a nicer place in Bangkok to stay. Not that there was anything particularly wrong with the situation we were in, but the bare walls and empty spaces of our apartment didn’t quite feel like home. So three weeks ago, we went looking for a nearby upgrade that wouldn’t break the bank. Most of all, we wanted some space to cook, a laundry machine, and a decent view.

My Job As A Teacher In Bangkok

Like I mentioned in a couple of previous posts, I’ve been working in Bangkok as a teacher since I arrived just over a month ago. In this post, I’ll describe my experiences teaching at a Thai private school up until now, and especially transitioning from one grade level to another. It’ll be a bit more focused on my immediate surroundings and routines, rather than broader observations about teaching and being a foreign teacher—I’ll save those thoughts for another post.

The Wonders Of Thai 7-Eleven

Chances are, you’ve been to a 7-Eleven or two in your life. If it was back home in Winnipeg, it was probably pretty small, maybe a little dirty, and more expensive than you’d like. Today, I’m here to tell you that your opinions are all wrong, or at the very least, that they don’t apply here in Bangkok, because 7-Eleven stores here are awesome. Whether you need a snack or a full meal, you’re covered.