We Moved Out!

Having recently decided to extend our time abroad, Patricia and I have been considering finding a nicer place in Bangkok to stay. Not that there was anything particularly wrong with the situation we were in, but the bare walls and empty spaces of our apartment didn’t quite feel like home. So three weeks ago, we went looking for a nearby upgrade that wouldn’t break the bank. Most of all, we wanted some space to cook, a laundry machine, and a decent view.

Getting Started Is Hard, So Is Getting Restarted

For many things, getting started is the hardest part—take household chores and homework, for example. This is also true for maintaining routines; your first day at the gym is a lot harder to motivate than the 30th. It turns out that this is also the case for getting back into routines, such as writing! I was having a lot of fun trying to write every day back in August, but then I got busy and fell a few days behind.

Impressions Of Bangkok, A Month In

I started writing this post yesterday (August 2), but I’m publishing it on August 3. So it took me exactly zero days to fail in my quest to post something every day. Or one day, depending on how you like to count. A bit over a month ago, I left home with my partner and her education-student classmates, destined for Bangkok, Thailand to work as a teacher. So what’s that been like?