Christmas Holidays in the Philippines

Patricia and I have spent our Christmas holidays in the Philippines, both with her family in Taguig and in El Nido, Palawan. Days 1-4: Taguig Taguig is a city close to Manila where Patricia’ s extended family lives all together in a big house in typical Asian fashion1. We left Bangkok on Monday night, just after getting home from our last day of work. There isn’t really that much to report on for this period, since they live a pretty quiet lifestyle.

We Moved Out!

Having recently decided to extend our time abroad, Patricia and I have been considering finding a nicer place in Bangkok to stay. Not that there was anything particularly wrong with the situation we were in, but the bare walls and empty spaces of our apartment didn’t quite feel like home. So three weeks ago, we went looking for a nearby upgrade that wouldn’t break the bank. Most of all, we wanted some space to cook, a laundry machine, and a decent view.

October Holidays, Summarized

Back in October, I and the rest of the foreign teachers at work got half of this month off, either before or after spending two weeks working at camps which go on between terms 2 and 3. I taught the “sports camp” which means that I hung out in the gym and on the climbing wall for a few periods each day with students in grades 4 to 6. Afterwards, Pat, Dani, Jomer (two Canadian friends), and I set off to collect passport stamps.